Who We Are!

  • We are Believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the only sacrifice for sins.
  • We are Bible-centered, believing God’s Word to be true, preserved, reliable, and central.
  • We are a Baptist congregation, free from any formal connection to any denomination or official affiliation.
  • We are Provisionists, believing Jesus died for all and that salvation is offered to all who will believe on Christ.
  • We are Dispensational, believing that Israel and the Church are distinct entities.
  • We are Traditional in worship style, but sing songs both old and new.

For a complete doctrinal statement, click below! 

This involves preaching, singing, testimonies, financial giving, and service.

This involves personal witnessing, church-organized witnessing opportunities, missions giving, and services dedicated to preaching the gospel.

This involves Bible teaching, one-on-one instruction time, and training involving Christian service skills.

This involves all actions which relate to the starting of churches in areas that lack churches which uphold Biblical truths. 

This involves activities which promote unity and benevolence among saints, reflecting God’s balance of truth and grace.