Welcome to Every Nation Baptist Church!

Who We Are!

  • We are Believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the only sacrifice for sins.
  • We are Bible-centered, believing God’s Word to be true, preserved, reliable, and central.
  • We are a Baptist congregation, free from any formal connection to any denomination or official affiliation.
  • We are Provisionists, believing Jesus died for all and that salvation is offered to all who will believe on Christ.
  • We are Dispensational, believing that Israel and the Church are distinct entities.
  • We are Traditional in worship style, but sing songs both old and new.

For a complete doctrinal statement, click below! 

The Worship of God

This involves preaching, singing, testimonies, financial giving,

and service.

The Evangelism
of the Lost

This involves personal witnessing, church-organized witnessing opportunities, missions giving, and services dedicated to preaching the gospel.

The Discipleship
of Believers

This involves Bible teaching, one-on-one instruction time, and training involving Christian service skills.

The Planting of Like-Minded Churches

This involves all actions which relate to the starting of churches in areas that lack churches which uphold Biblical truths. 

The Fellowship
of Saints

This involves activities which promote unity and benevolence among saints, reflecting God’s balance of truth and grace.

What To Expect From Us

Our 11am Preaching Service is our most structured preaching service.  We worship God in song, prayer, Scripture reading, and preaching.  We have a short response time at the end of the sermon.  We sing out of hymn books with piano accompaniment.  Our congregation dresses in a range from Sunday best to more casual. We have no expectations from guests for giving or formal dress.  We will welcome you into our family.

Our 1:30 Service is focused on teaching, with Q+A and discussion of Bible truth.

Our Wednesday Service is our most relaxed service. In addition to the sermon, we have public testimonies, favorite hymn selections, and an extended prayer time.

For our ministry, we use the Simplified King James Version.  We have extra copies of these Bibles available, and you are welcome to follow along in your own Bible if you prefer.

Who is on Staff

John Uit de Flesch

John and Esther began attending Every Nation a few months after the very first church service in 2009. For the first couple of years, John assisted the church founder and pastor Norman Johnston. In the fall of 2012 John was ordained and became the lead pastor of the church. He has completed two degrees from Ambassador Baptist College. His philosophy of ministry is to spend time with God and spend time with people. John and Esther were married in 2009 and they have four wonderful children—Joanna, Timothy, Karis, Matthew. In his personal time, he enjoys reading (mainly theology and history), music, time with his wife and children, and conversation. 

Youth Pastor
Jeremiah Matthews

Jeremiah first started attending Every Nation Baptist Church in 2015 while a student at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC. It was there that he received a bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministries in 2019 and a graduate degree in Theology in 2023. It was also at ABC that Jeremiah met and married his wife, Amanda. They now have two children, Gilead and Hadassah. Jeremiah and Amanda are involved in a variety of different ministries at ENBC, but their primary focus and passion is loving the teenagers of the church and of the Charlotte area by sharing with them to Truth of God’s Word.