What To Expect From Us

Our 11am Preaching Service is our most structured preaching service.  We worship God in song, prayer, Scripture reading, and preaching.  We have a short response time at the end of the sermon.  We sing out of hymn books with piano accompaniment.  Our congregation dresses in a range from Sunday best to more casual. We have no expectations from guests for giving or formal dress.  We will welcome you into our family.

Our 1:30 Service is focused on teaching, with Q+A and discussion of Bible truth.

Our Wednesday Service is our most relaxed service. In addition to the sermon, we have public testimonies, favorite hymn selections, and an extended prayer time.

For our ministry, we use the Simplified King James Version.  We have extra copies of these Bibles available, and you are welcome to follow along in your own Bible if you prefer.